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Creativity and Divine Surprise

book-bigDeepen your relationship with God as you discover your creativity.

“When we find the place of our own resurrection, we find the truth of our soul and the purpose for which we were born. This truth liberates us to live the unique and authentic life Love designed and kept safe for us until we were ready to embrace it. Though we remained unaware, God was at work transforming us on our pilgrim journey, preparing us to embody our soul’s truth. Under the cover of darkness, deep in the mystery, the Holy One has readied us to receive the knowledge of our purpose in life.

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Reviews for Creativity and Divine Surprise

“Karla Kincannon invites us to know ourselves as spiritual pilgrims and artists.  Through stories, reflections, and practical exercises she shows us how to be more available for encounters with ourselves, the world, and God.  The Creator endows each of us with creativity that is a source of revelation, joy, healing, and fulfillment.  Prepare to have your senses attuned to the Holy in all things.”
--Luther E. Smith, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Church and Community, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

"Reading this book, I felt I was receiving measured spiritual direction from a skilled and compassionate guide.  The author’s notes of humor frequently caught me taking myself too seriously.  After trying out just a few of Karla’s rich tapestry of exercises, I am eager to test more creative processes that yield greater awareness of both myself and the divine Presence.”
--Marjorie Thompson, Author, Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life

“Creativity and Divine Surprise makes the case that all are gifted with creativity.  As we follow a disciplined practice of seeking this gift, it will be revealed in surprising and wonderful ways.”
--Rueben Job, Bishop, The United Methodist Church, and Author, A Guide to Prayer for All Who Seek God

"The writing of Creativity and Divine Surprise: Finding the Place of
Your Resurrection is the culmination of Karla Kincannon's spiritual
journey. As a clergywoman, campus minister, writer, painter, spiritual
director, and healing touch practitioner, she has listened well and
learned much on her pilgrimage through life. She is an apt pupil and
extraordinary teacher."
-- Terri Hiers, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, The United Methodist Church

“Karla M. Kincannon takes us on an inner exploration of what it would mean for us as individuals to affirm (creativity)"the image of God within each of us . . . one strand of our divine DNA."  The other strand, she adds, is love, which is "enormously creative" and woven together they compose the soul's purpose, provide the tools to mirror our Creator, and "are the means as well as the end of the journey, the path as well as the purpose."

Kincannon's title comes from a question her spiritual director asked her: "What if the ache in your heart and all of your longings are really a longing for God?"  The question opened a door for her; the book invites readers to consider the same question for themselves, then embark on a journey or, more properly, a pilgrimage.  The exercises that are laid out in the subsequent pages are at once deeply spiritual and thoroughly grounded in the nuts and bolts of everyday life.  The temptation is there to compare what Kincannon does to Julia Cameron's by-now-classic The Artist's Way; there is no comparison.  Kincannon takes us light years beyond the essentially twelve-step secular orientation of Cameron's work and leads us into the realm of the mystics and ancient teachers.”
--Rev. Judith Bennett ,The Resource Center, located in Virginia Hall on the campus of Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, VA

“Your book is beautiful! You have a lovely writing style, very accessible to the reader. A beautiful mix of wisdom gleaned from others and your own wisdom and experience. You make yourself vulnerable in these pages, modeling for the reader how to let go of
ego so that we may open up to Spirit.”
--Leslie Adams

“Reading your book inspired me to buy some paints and begin. I loved your book! What a powerful story to see the correlation of the spiritual journey and the creative process!”
-- Ann Lee Earnshaw

I just finished reading your book.  THANK YOU!  As I read your
experiences as artist and pilgrim, I found my own life being validated
and I understood things about myself that have had me rather befuddled.
I thank God that you persevered and wrote Creativity and Divine Surprise.
--Susan Michie-Bent

This has been the book that I personally have been waiting for.
--Rev. Drema McCalister-Wilson