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SpiritArt Ministries seeks to educate individuals, groups, and institutions, about the tools and movements of the spiritual life by employing creativity as a tool for inner growth.

At the intersection of creativity and spirituality, SpiritArt Ministries provides a unique approach to spiritual formation, offering retreat leadership and spiritual direction to seekers. Integrating imagination and prayer with formation and spiritual renewal, SpiritArt Ministries strives to help individuals and communities live fully, creatively and peacefully, embodying the values of the gospel.

Retreats & Workshops

Retreats & Workshops







Creativity and Divine Surprise; Finding the Place of Your Resurrection: A Three-fold path to Creative Spirituality

The spiritual journey and the creative process are full of mystery often taking unexpected twists and turns. Both lead us into places we never intended to go with surprising results. The serious spiritual seeker and the creative artist have much in common. The creative process permeates the spiritual journey and the spiritual shines forth from within the creative process.

Examining the spiritual journey through the lens of the creative process moves us into the realms of mystics and ancient teachers of the Church. It invites a deep awareness of the Presence of the Holy.

In an ancient three-fold path from authentic Christian spirituality, discover a way to find the place of your own resurrection. In this “hands on” retreat participants explore their own spiritual journey using the metaphor of the creative process.

No artistic training is necessary.

Wrestling With Angels

Have you ever wondered if you were creative because you cannot draw a straight line? Creativity is part of our God-given nature, a gift we receive at birth. Unfortunately, as we grow up our creativity diminishes clouding the vision of our soul’s purpose and our connection to the sacred.

Rediscovering our creativity is more urgent than we might think. Creativity helps us live an authentic life; it enables us to be who we are meant to be. We need all our creativity to shape our lives and grow into our authentic self. Without creativity we cannot decipher the guideposts on our journey that show us the way to become the person we are intended to be and how we are intended to live.

If you thirst for a clearer sense of purpose in life and a deeper experience of God, your creativity assists in discovering the sacred in each God-given moment. An essential tool for the spiritual journey, creativity reveals the image of God buried within each one of us as it illuminates our true calling.

In this “hands on” workshop explore your hidden creativity through exercises designed to be non-threatening. Learn techniques to listen to the still small voice within, a voice that guides our path and shapes our vocation.No artistic training is necessary. (If you are already a trained artist, we can work with that.)

Creating Sacred Space: Learn How to design and Implement Worship Visuals

In this hands on intensive participants will create aesthetically beautiful and theologically significant altars for public and private worship. Basic design principles will be discussed.

Learn to interpret Christian Scriptures visually in a way that invites a response from the viewer.

Participants need to bring: one piece of fabric in a liturgical color (a scarf will do); one religious object, one nature object, one every day object, one candle and holder.

No experience is necessary.

Creative Lives of Christian Saints as Spiritual Guides

All who seek renewal and reflection are invited to suspend the struggles of life in order to meet God in the presence of community, worship and solitude.

Opportunities for contemplation and growth include spiritual exercises, various expressions of prayer, practical hands-on experiences, personal reflection, worship, and group discussion. Cease your striving and find manna for your hungering soul.

These workshops examine one or more of the lives of the following saints and their gifts to Christian Spirituality:

John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Hildegard of Bingen, Catherine of Siena, Julian of Norwich, St. Benedict

Doorways to the Divine

These workshops examine various paths to knowing God and deepening relationship with the Divine. All workshops include discussion, exercises designed for personal reflection, worship, and group discussion.

  • Meditation and Contemplation
  • Companions, Spiritual Friends, and Spiritual Directors
  • Awareness
  • Solitude & Silence
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Creativity and the Soul

Art, Prayer and Healing

From earliest times art and healing have been intricately related, ancient cultures used art as a healing tool. Today science is beginning to explain how healing prayer works. This workshop examines both pathways to healing as participants interweave creativity and prayer in “hands on” exercises.

No training is necessary.

Conflict, Collaboration, and Creativity: The Third Way

Conflict, a natural consequence of God’s love of diversity, is often unnamed, ignored, or poorly handled in our families, churches, relationships and organizations. Conflict triggers our survival instinct known as the fight or flight response, making peaceful resolution difficult and often-creating winners and losers.

Explore a third way that makes everyone a winner. Learn how creativity, imagination, and spiritual exercises aid in the transformation of conflict. Engage your right brain in peacemaking and discover the ability to hold opposing points of view in a creative tension from which new possibilities arise. Move into the heart of God and know the power of reconciliation.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction



What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction occurs in a relationship in which one person serves as a guide for a fellow traveler on the spiritual journey. Exploration of the spiritual life through conversation and the creative process enables the seeker to:

  • Awaken to the mystery of God
  • Discern the movement of God’s Spirit
  • Deepen relationship with the Divine
  • Find healing and wholeness
  • Renew vitality for living
  • Make meaning out of the events and relationships in our lives
  • Discover relevant spiritual practices

Spiritual direction assists individuals in painting the canvass of their own lives. It is not counseling or psychotherapy. Conversations that occur in spiritual direction invite individuals from the surface of their lives in to the depth of their heart and soul, assisting in the process of becoming fully alive!

Frequency and Fees

Spiritual direction normally occurs on a monthly basis. Services are offered on a sliding scale in range of $50-$85 per session.


I am a member of Spiritual Directors International, and I adhere to the Ethical Guidelines established by the organization. I have over twenty years of experience in spiritual direction.



testimonials1Karla Kincannon’s April 2011 workshop at Community United Methodist Church in Elm Grove, Wisconsin was a great success. Our church had not offered a women’s retreat in many years but this one drew a great crowd – over 40 women of all ages – and afterwards they were very enthusiastic  about the experience. Karla’s deep spirituality, abundant creativity, and warm personality were greatly appreciated and admired. She has a wonderful way of drawing out creativity even from those, like myself, who don’t feel very creative. It was a rich and rewarding time, and I hope to have the opportunity to attend another Kincannon workshop sometime in the future.
-Janet Hartzell

From the beginning of our retreat, Karla’s skillful leadership and spiritual guidance put our hearts at ease. As we navigated the day’s journey to open ourselves to God’s gifts, her carefully chosen selection of readings, music and exercises inspired our notice of the Holy everywhere. Karla’s teachings moved me from a place of apprehension to one of trust in God, my Creator. What a day of joy-filled wonder and surprise!

Karla Kincannon’s passion is a blessing. I am privileged to have been a participant in her retreat.
-Judy Foster, CUMC, Elm Grove, Wisconsin

By weaving together insightful lecture, thoughtful discussion, personal reflection, and creative exercise, Karla Kincannon guides retreat participants to perceptive and discerning places…places where they find resurrection.  I have attended several retreats, and each one was different, and each one led my soul to new places.
-MaryBeth Franklin Belmont UMC, Nashville. TN